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Polls (סקרים) are an inseparable part of our lives. But what’s the origin of the word?

Most of us know the word ‘סקר’, or poll in English, from the countless rounds of elections here in Israel. But where did this word come from? Turns out the word has roots in ancient meaning

The word סקר isn't just about politics, though that's how we've come to know it. (Image credit: Knesset)

What do the words סקרים, סקרנים ולסיקור share? Well, the root of the word is סק״ר, coming to Hebrew from Aramaic during the times of the Talmud. In Aramaic, "סקר" relates to squinting or an inquisitive glance, and these meanings were taken from Aramaic and applied to Talmudic Hebrew. <