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At UAB we're committed to quality. We refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to your Hebrew language education because our students deserve the best. Check out what sets us apart and why we're not your typical ulpan.


All UAB faculty are certified teachers for Hebrew as a second language and hold either an undergraduate degree or masters degree in Hebrew. We love teaching Hebrew, so this isn't just a job for us.

 Click here to meet the UAB faculty.


UAB will feel like your home away from home. Our classes are held in a comfortable space reserved just for UAB students. It's a place where you can study, socialize, and practice Hebrew with other UAB students and staff.


If your goal is Hebrew proficiency, learning to read and write is just as important as practicing conversation skills. All students receive a custom workbook developed by UAB instructors customized for their level and access to a Hebrew learning app. Read more...


We're proud to offer small classes ranging in size from 8-12 students. This allows students to create stronger bonds with one another and their teachers and helps students feel comfortable practicing and learning with one another in a group setting. No getting lost in a huge ulpan class at UAB.


UAB wouldn't be UAB without our amazing students. We love the community of people brought together with the common goal of learning Hebrew.

Click here to see what some of our former and current students have to say about UAB!


Adjusting to life in a new country can be stressful especially when learning a new language. Studying at UAB can help ease the transition as you learn about Israeli culture from native speakers who have spent much of their lives in Tel Aviv.


As part of our environmental agenda, UAB is proud to be the first eco friendly ulpan in Israel. We have a strict policy of NO PLASTIC in our Ulpan kitchen. In addition to this, we recycle all our waste by separating between plastic and paper. You will find clean towels in place of paper towels in our toilets in our quest to do our bit for the environment.


UAB is proud to have partnered with some of Israel's top hi tech companies including Vesttoo, IrounSource and  Cloudinary. In addition we have had students working in various embassies in Israel such as UK, Poland, Austria, India, Japan, Argentina, Columbia and Croatia.

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