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What Our Lovely Students Say About Us

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“If you’re looking for a serious Ulpan to teach you Hebrew as quickly, and accurately as possible then this is your place. Ulpan Aviv Bertele prioritizes your education above all else with out of class exercises that will actually help you learn while you’re not in the classroom and instructors that are available to help you practically 24/7. UAB is hands-on, nurturing, personalized, and engaging Hebrew instruction at its best, all at an alarmingly fast rate of acquisition. You’ll notice significant improvement in your Hebrew in just the first two weeks and that will continue week after week. I recommend this Ulpan for those who are finally ready to get serious about learning Hebrew."


-Jack Lawson from the USA

"Summary: I started from zero, finished the full 10-course program from א1 to ד2, and I 100% recommend UAB for any Hebrew learner at any level. Longer version: This is a modern, friendly language studio with great teachers and superb, unique course material developed by Aviv Bertele. When I say great teachers, I mean that over 10 courses and so many semesters I had the chance to learn from at least 5 of them and somehow they were all not just super nice people but super skilled and efficient educators as well. You will get to learn the language properly, the way it is spoken and written today, and will get exposed to a decent amount of cultural references as well. You will understand how Hebrew works. You will be able to read and watch the news, TV shows, and will be prepared enough to start reading Hebrew literature as well. You will be confident to speak Hebrew every day. I could go on but I won’t. This is an awesome Ulpan. One last thing if you’ve read so far. I didn’t keep count how many times Israeli people congratulated me when they heard my Hebrew vs how long I have been studying. I’m not saying I’m this good, I’m saying the other Ulpans must surely be not as good as UAB. Ok I’m done, this is a fantastic Ulpan and I 100% recommend it."


-Balazs Lovenberg from Hungary 


"I’ve lived in Israel for 6 years and I always had to stop Ulpan when I traveled to the US. For the first time in 6 years I was able to continue learning Hebrew while traveling through a course offered on Zoom. (One amazing plus of UAB.) That aside, I am terrified of learning languages and have struggled with my confidence in Hebrew. UAB and my last teacher, Sharon, have been so understanding and supportive which really makes me want to continue learning. I’ve completed 3 courses with UAB and I’m about to start my 4th. While I still have a lot to go, I’m so happy with my progress. Whether you are passionate about learning Hebrew or apprehensive about it, UAB is the place for you! They will make you feel right at home and be a great support system to aid in your learning!"


-Rachel Zankman from the USA


“Es hat mir so viel Spaß gemacht, im UAB Hebräisch zu lernen! In den Stunden haben wir uns mit vielen interessanten Inhalten beschäftigt, durch die ich viel über die israelische Kultur gelernt habe. Aviv hat außerdem eine tolle Energie, die ansteckend ist und immer für gute Stimmung sorgt. Er ist ein toller Lehrer, der immer neue und kreative Wege parat hat, Inhalte zu vermitteln. Am Anfang jedes Kurses erschien mir das Material immer sehr schwer. Doch man lernt Schritt für Schritt mit jeder Stunde spielerisch ein wenig mehr und am Ende kommt einem das Material kinderleicht vor. Ich würde jederzeit wieder einen Kurs im UAB machen und das auch wärmstens jedem/jeder empfehle


-Debora Krupka from Germany


"For anyone who wants to speak, read and write Hebrew, UAB is the way to go! As someone who has attempted to learn Hebrew with other institutions and not really getting anywhere, UAB turned out to be a godsend! The intimate class sizes and welcoming environment are a rarity for Uplans. Aviv’s teaching style and content is coherent, relatable to life in Tel Aviv and enjoyable!"


-Erika Espeland from the USA


“I came to UAB with very little Hebrew, 8 months after moving to Israel and did 4 courses - A+ and A Advanced with Lior and B and Legal Ulpan with Aviv. I owe every bit of Hebrew I know to them. Both Lior and Aviv are excellent teachers! The workbooks are very useful and the exercises in class really encourage you to speak a lot. The small classes make the experience really special as people get to bond. Especially the Legal Ulpan is very helpful and on point, for anyone who wishes to do the Dinei Israel exams. I recommend hundred percent!"


-Sandra Güzelbahar from Turkey


"I would recommend this ulpan to everybody! In a few months I went from speaking next to no Hebrew to now being confident in conversations. The courses are taught in a very fun way and you learn about Israeli culture while learning the language, it's amazing."


-Jona van der Schlede from the Netherlands


“UAB Ulpan Aviv Bertele is truly one of my favorite places in Tel Aviv. I feel there like at home. I have enjoyed every lesson that I took in the ulpan and every minute spent with awesome teachers and friends. When I entered the ulpan for the very first time, I did not know anything about Hebrew. I didn't know how to order pizza, how to buy tomatoes at a shuk, how to speak with my son's teachers at the kindergarten. I didn't even know all the letters. Now, thanks to Aviv, Sharon, Shiran, Noah and Noa I have a YouTube channel in Hebrew "פולין בעברית", I give presentations, lectures and guest lessons in Hebrew, I have meetings in Hebrew every day and I enjoy each and every one of my conversations in this beautiful language. These are tangible results of great courses at the ulpan and of the hard work of devoted, engaged teachers. Wonderful atmosphere and awesome students also play a huge role. I couldn't have chosen a better ulpan!"


-Katarzyna Rybka-Iwanska from Poland


“I’ve done one term at UAB.... Aviv quickly diagnosed that although I was speaking fairly well, this needs to be matched by an ability to write and type too. I’ve definitely began to get to grips with the order and method of Hebrew grammar! What a dream to be able to learn Hebrew as if I were in Israel, from the comfort of my own office..... it’s about the only good thing that’s come out of Corona. Definitely I’d recommend, particularly if you’re not able to get to Tel Aviv, or live abroad. Well structured for a course that asks 3 hours contact time a week, though for real improvement a firm grip on homework is essential. Serious course for those who want to progress!"


-Melanie Kilim from the UK


“I cannot recommend this ulpan highly enough. I’ve seen a huge improvement in my Hebrew after two semesters with Aviv. His classes are interesting and engaging, and he doesn’t shy away from difficult topics and concepts. He holds his students to a very high standard, and expects them to speak, read, and write Hebrew with a fluent proficiency at a very high academic level."

-Ilan Mann from Canada


"When I first started studying at this ulpan I couldn't write at all, and was barely able to read basic sentences. Nowadays, I'm not only able to read and write with minimal effort but also discuss a broad range of subjects related to life in Israel. This is because the lessons not only revolve around grammar but also include debates about historical and social topics. And, most importantly, the small-sized classes and passionate teachers make such a complex language just fun to learn."


-Judit Ruiz-Ricart from Spain


“After doing almost every ulpan in Tel aviv, I can say that UAB is the only one that has made me see significant progress on my Hebrew. Unlike all my past experiences, I LOVE going to class every time. The class duration is just right, groups are small, and teachers are energetic, fun, patient and caring. Aviv has the most incredible vibes and makes you feel at home every class. Please do yourself a favor and sign up for UAB!"


-Lucia Feldstein from Argentina 


“The best! That’s all I can say about this Ulpan! Studying in this place was the best decision. Aviv is such a wonderful and talented teacher! He was so supportive during the whole course to all students in my group. I can’t say that materials were easy, but it was exactly the level that suited me. It was challenging but also exiting at the same time. We discussed a variety of topics, worked on the grammar, shared our impressions and emotions. And all of this was in Hebrew!"


-Regina Burlaka from Russia



"UAB is without a doubt the best ulpan out there! Aviv’s unique method focuses on speaking while introducing modern topics, texts, podcasts, and videos. Aviv creates a custom textbook with modern exercises that is great for both visual and auditory learners. I arrived to Israel and started in Gimel+ with Shiran. Within weeks, my speech flowed much easier and my vocabulary grew. I completed Dalet and Dalet+ with Aviv and wrestled with material I never thought I’d be able to read, listen, or watch in Hebrew. I’m now able to watch Israeli news with ease, watch movies (even without subtitles!), listen to podcasts, and read books all in Hebrew! Aviv opened my mind to all the things I thought I couldn’t do and every day I’m taken aback by how much I understand in Israeli society. I can conquer Israeli bureaucracy (which is a feat in and of itself) and engage in discussions about almost any topic. Aviv creates a fun, inclusive, and supportive environment allowing learners of all types to flourish within the context of a small class environment where everyone is encouraged to engage in discussions. If you want to integrate in to Israeli society, Aviv not only gives you mastery of the language but also the cultural context to go along with it. Yalla sign up for UAB already!!!"


-Marisa Posner from the USA

“Absolutely EXCELLENT - cannot recommend UAB highly enough!! i have done a lot of different ulpans since moving to tlv and this is far and above the best. during this class, i could feel so many gaps in grammar, vocab, and comprehension being filled in during each lesson and i could feel this progress both in and out of class. the class is a perfect mix of formal textbook lessons, tools to study, effective homework, colloquial speaking/vocab & an immersive experience (both for long & short term classes). overall great structure that keep you accountable and motivated. great teachers! my teacher (limor) was AMAZING, aviv has an awesome energy and all the other staff were very positive, patient, smart, and encouraging. classrooms are also new & very comfortable *most importantly classes are very well priced! this is an intense course where you learn a lot quickly so be prepared to work hard to see the best results!”


-Janice Karbachinskiy from the USA


"I recommend everyone to attend Ulpan Aviv Bertele's Hebrew courses. Aviv is a fantastic teacher, he knows how to make every lesson fun and interesting at the same time. Thanks to Aviv's lessons I've learned to better express myself and to write in Hebrew, thanks to solid notions of vocabulary and grammar. Whatever your level of Hebrew, Ulpan Aviv Bertele is highly recommended."


-Roberta Rottigni from Italy


"Highly recommend UAB for all levels of Hebrew learners! Aviv makes class a pleasure and I can feel the difference in my Hebrew already. Looking forward to taking the next level in the fall!"


-Tracey Goldstein from the USA


"I really love UAB and enjoy very much to study there. After Aleph+, advance aleph and bet, now I am learning Bet+ with my teacher Noam✌️ UAB is such a wonderful place to study Hebrew. The tailor-made workbooks are super useful and interesting. It’s not only for learning the language but also connecting us to Israeli culture and society. The teachers are very amazing!!! I studied with Aviv, Limor and Noam. All of the them are very professional! They always give great attention to each one of us and help us to speak and practice a lot. I am very glad I can use Hebrew now and could understand better of the Hebrew world around me. It’s a very different feeling. My husband was amazed at my progress in such a short time. If you would like to learn Hebrew, I highly recommend UAB."


-Jinjin Yu from China


"Aviv is the real deal. He's a true professional in his field and it shows in the courses. Unlike other Ulpans, in UAB we get a workbook that is full of practical and useful information. The curriculum and workbook go hand in hand and compliment each other very well. I feel this Ulpan is more professional, organized, and effective than other Ulpans I've tried in Tel Aviv. I also like how we practice speaking a lot too. Based on my experience, UAB is the best Ulpan in Tel Aviv. If you're looking to learn Hebrew, then look no further. Check out UAB!"


-Ori Carmely from the USA


"I can highly recommend this Ulpan! The teachers become your friends. The material (book and App) are very convenient and high in quality. Its the first Ulpan that focuses on its students rather than just blindly trying to teach something. The place itself is clean and there is always coffee and cookies for the students!"


-Rona Lanchiano from Austria


“I love UAB. The course is interesting. Th3 teachers here are nice and super patient. And the classroom is so clean! Not mention the coffee and th cookie! I love UAB!"


-Rui Zhang from China


“UAB offers a high-quality learning environment. The classes are exciting, the homework is interesting, and the Quizlet app very helpful. Aviv and all the teachers are strongly motivated and qualified. I made impressive improvements while studying at UAB."


-Raul Gottlieb from Brazil


“I researched a lot of ulpans before enrolling in my first class at UAB. After completing four levels here, I can say with certainty that it was the best place to learn Hebrew. All of my classes were small. The teachers are patient, helpful and drive you to improve. The app resources are amazing in helping you master vocabulary. Look no further — you found your Ulpan!"


-Audrey Horn from the USA


“I have been to a several different Ulpans over the last couple of years and UAB is by far the best. The classes are well-structured, the teachers are fantastic (and always happy to go that extra mile) and it is generally just a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Unlike other courses I have taken, UAB uses its own tailored-made books, which allow for a wide variety of modern and engaging topics to be discussed. The books are broken down into easily digestible chapters, which have really helped me to build my vocabulary, confidence and general understanding of Hebrew verbs beyond what I have managed elsewhere. Here, you learn everyday Hebrew for any situation and are also introduced to readily-used terms and expressions that really help you to sound like a native. You practice speaking listening, reading and writing in each and every class, so your all-round level will get better. Classes are kept small so that everyone has the opportunity to speak. Outside of the class, there are also other activities arranged such as movie nights. This is, of course, a great way to meet other students, practice your speaking and expand your network in Tel Aviv. One final point I should add is that this is the only Ulpan where the break time does not eat into the teaching time. By that I mean; if you have a class from 13:00-16:00 with a half hour break, you will be finishing at 16:30. That sounds basic, but this isn't the case at other Ulpans. In short, if you are looking for a fun and effective way to improve your Hebrew, then UAB is the place to go."


-Mathew Wells from the UK


“I studied Bet through to Daled at UAB, and at all levels UAB comes out on top! Outstanding learning environment with it's own books and materials, professional teachers and a warm welcoming atmosphere right in the heart of Tel Aviv. Highly recommended!"


-Stephanie Hodes from South Africa


“If you don’t want to repeat verbs for hours and looking for a more efficient and fun way to learn Hebrew this is definitely the place. The teachers are amazing, the program is different, interesting and in addition to learning Hebrew I got a broad knowledge of culture, traditions and social problems in Israel. I took 3 regular courses and 1 intensive course and never wanted to miss a class. Definitely recommend. Love UAB madly."


-Misha Galperin from Ukraine 

“Choosing to go to Ulpan Aviv Bertele when I made Aliyah was the best decision! I started knowing absolutely no Hebrew whatsoever, and I am now at level Bet and I could not think of a better place to start learning Hebrew! Definitely come here!


-Abigail Stern from the UK

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