What Our Lovely Students Say About Us

“When I first moved to Israel and knew almost no Hebrew, Aviv was an amazing teacher and really helped me through my early stages in Israel. Since then, I stopped learning in Ulpan for a while and my ability to speak grew a bit but I realized I needed to return to Ulpan to fully understand to read, write, speak and of course grammar to have it all make sense. When I looked to return I knew that there was no place but UAB. I am happy to be continuing on in my studies and that I have had the amazing opportunity to be taught by both teachers at UAB (Aviv and Limor). They are both fantastic teachers, humans and friends.”


-Jason Dietz from Massachusetts , USA

"I have enjoyed the Ulpan very much. Although I did the Absolute beginners class, I was surprised about the range of topics we discussed in the class from Shakespeare to blind date situations, we covered a great length of realistic scenarios and i am happy at the progress I have made and am looking forward to do the next level some day."


-Patrick Steinberg from Munich, Germany


"I arrived in Israel with one hackneyed Hebrew phrase in my vocabulary - shalom. I used it for everything. Hello, goodbye, nice shoes, can I have chips with that. Poor old shalom. And yet if you had told me that a mere 3 months later, I would be able to *properly* order myself lunch, direct a taxi, tell the time, and read *READ* Hebrew, I would not have believed you. And yet it is true. I can do all these things, and more. Aviv is a remarkable teacher, he inspires, motivates and encourages using the psychology only the most sentient teachers possess. Take the Absolute Beginners course. Do it. Don't dither. Your self confidence will thank you. And you will never abuse and misuse 'shalom' again."


-Kate Turner from Johannesburg, South Africa


“Ich habe Bet und Bet+ bei Aviv absolviert und finde sowohl seine professionellen Lehrmethoden also auch seinen menschlichen und persönlichen Zugang unschlagbar. Man fühlt sich einfach richtig wohl und wunderbar betreut. Besonders positiv hervorheben möchte ich die Aktualität und Brisanz der Themen, die sowohl in den Lehrmaterialien als auch in den Diskussionen behandelt werden. Mein Hebräisch hat sich auf jeden Fall enorm verbessert und ich kann seinen Ulpan nur wärmstens empfehlen!.”


-Birgit Schabhuett from Vienna, Austria


"Amazing course, excellent teachers. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their hebrew, whether it be from scratch or for people who already know some, The classes are small and intimate so you get plenty of attention and cant get away with hiding at the back of the class! You will improve all aspects of your hebrew - be it written, reading, spoken or even sung! Definitely worth doing."


-Sarah Balfour from London, England


“I came to UAB with very little Hebrew, 8 months after moving to Israel and did 4 courses - A+ and A Advanced with Lior and B and Legal Ulpan with Aviv. I owe every bit of Hebrew I know to them. Both Lior and Aviv are excellent teachers! The workbooks are very useful and the exercises in class really encourage you to speak a lot. The small classes make the experience really special as people get to bond. Especially the Legal Ulpan is very helpful and on point, for anyone who wishes to do the Dinei Israel exams. I recommend hundred percent!"


-Sandra Güzelbahar from Istanbul, Turkey


"Aviv est le meilleur professeur pour apprendre l'hébreu. Les cours sont vraiment cool et l'ambiance amicale. Rien de mieux pour apprendre."


-Alice Pasquier from Marcei, France


“Ulpan Aviv Bertele was exactly what I needed to jump-start my Hebrew learning. I took the Aleph+ course with Aviv, and was so happy with my improvement that I returned for the Bet course this past spring (taught by Limor). Both teachers have an amazing ability to guide their students through the material, while making the learning experience engaging and enjoyable. I recommend UAB to everyone I know who wants to learn or improve their Hebrew skills. Thanks Aviv and Limor!”


-Ben Huss from New York, USA


“When I made the decision to move to Israel I knew right away that learning Hebrew would be one of my most challenging tasks.  I came here in the beginning of September knowing a few Hebrew words and how to read very slowly (with vowels!).  Aviv has been everything that I could ask for in a teacher.  I needed someone that was patient, encouraging and motivating while at the same time tough enough to push me beyond my comfort level so I could progress.  What I have learned from him so far has given me the confidence that I am capable of learning this special language."


-Talia Sandberg from Chicago, USA


“Ho fatto vari Ulpan a TLV e l'unico che mi ha davvero permesso di imparare l'ebraico e' stato Aviv. Le lezioni sono tutte divertenti ed interessanti e dopo solo pochi mesi di studio riesco a capire, leggere e parlare la lingua. Consiglio vivamente a chiunque voglia imparare realmente l'ebraico!”


-Susanna Luzzati from Italy


"Aviv is the best Ulpan I've been to! After 5 years in Israel, struggling to learn the language, I finally found a teaching approach that actaully helped me to learn and improve. Thanks Aviv! Highly recommend!"


-Haley Burkes from Toronto, Canada


“Studying Hebrew with Aviv Bertele has been really good for me. The study material he finds is always interesting and relevant. Aviv is fun and easy-going, but he's also really invested in helping you succeed.”


-Aviel Fahl from Göteborg, Sweden


“I started studying with Aviv around a year ago. I started with him after doing the first level of hebrew in the Ulpan and I was looking for something more personalized...and I found it! Aviv is an amazing teacher who is able to adapt his classes to each of his students. I made an amazing progress since I started with him finding myself having conversations in hebrew very fast!! All his classes are fun and effective! In every single class he is able to surprise me with new games, topics, debates that allow me to learn hebrew having fun! Hebrew is part of a culture and Aviv knows all the history around every single word! It allowed me to learn not only hebrew but also its connection with the Jewish and Israeli history. I can't wait for my next class.”


-Melissa Buch from Barcelona, Spain


“I've never been a great learner, especially with languages. Aviv made learning fun. Sometimes it was a little intense but that only shows how much he cares about what he does. You can tell all he wants for you is success. His "different" teaching method is a true motivator. I came to Israel with no Hebrew skills at all, but now I can hold conversations with Israelis. Truly amazing! ”


-Melissa Avrick from Connecticut, USA


“Aviv is an amazing, top level and dedicated teacher. He makes Hebrew learning easier, fun and enjoyable. You just want to keep on learning. He applies such an effective system that you will notice improvement very fast. On top of everything he is a beautiful person and will always have some coffee and cookies ready for his students. Highly recommended!!”


-Myriam Querub from Madrid, Spain


“My experience with learning Hebrew in Aviv's class enhanced my Israel experience more than I could have expected. Starting from relatively no Hebrew language skills, after only 2 months I felt prepared and confident to speak Hebrew during my internship, order food at restaurants, and even communicate with the bus drivers. Classes were fun, relevant to the situations I experienced in my daily routines, and challenging enough to keep me engaged and attentive. I would highly recommend Aviv to anyone wanting to learn Hebrew in Tel Aviv.”


-Ariela Cohen from Los Angeles, USA


“I started to study with Aviv Bertele to improve my Hebrew and enrich my vocabulary. But after a while, I was surprised to realize that the challenges he gives me take me far beyond the language itself. The articles he presents me, take me through Israeli literature, politics, arts, religion, hilarious anecdotes of people and places. He confronts me with the pride of knowing the language to its depth, and that allows me to really meet the Israeli idiosyncrasy, understand the Israeli humor, starting to really feel I can belong in here.”


-Sandra Wollman from Buenos Aires, Argentina


"Der beste Kurs mit dem besten Lehrer! Mit Humor und Leichtigkeit in kleiner Gruppe zu lernen, hat Spaß gemacht! Aviv versteht es, die Alltagssprache, aber auch die Grammatik, Geschichte und Alltagsprobleme auf verständliche und leichte Weise zu vermitteln. Es war nie langweilig und hat auf jeden Fall Viel gebracht". Danke, Aviv!"


-Susy Hessing from Frankfurt, Germany


"I was part of the August intensive Ulpan - Kita Gimmel. This was my third Ulpan in Israel and the best by far! I'll definitely be back and would recommend Aviv's courses very highly. Thanks Aviv and keep up the great work!"


-Michael Bridgford from Australia


"Just moved to live in Israel and had attempted Hebrew beginner classes in the UK. The contrast between Aviv's classes and others is immeasurable. Bright, new ideas, up to date, use of many different materials in each lesson, class size is very small which is great ( you cannot hide at the back) and you get to speak a lot. His humour, albeit Israeli, makes the class go with a swing. 
Have been a teacher for over 35 years and so I am hard to impress.......AVIV, YOU IMPRESSED ME. Looking forward to returning to another class and would highly recommend this Ulpan to everyone."


-Heather Gladding from London, UK



"Aviv is an excellent and patient teacher as well as having a sharp sense of humour. Classes are well structured and the material provided very useful. I went from not being able to write a word of Hebrew to being able to write a full paragraph within a week.

The school is really easy to get to with lots of cafes and shops nearby, the classroom itself is small but cosy with free coffee and cookies and a nice informal and fun atmosphere."


-Vincent Clark from London, UK

“Absolutely EXCELLENT - cannot recommend UAB highly enough!! i have done a lot of different ulpans since moving to tlv and this is far and above the best. during this class, i could feel so many gaps in grammar, vocab, and comprehension being filled in during each lesson and i could feel this progress both in and out of class. the class is a perfect mix of formal textbook lessons, tools to study, effective homework, colloquial speaking/vocab & an immersive experience (both for long & short term classes). overall great structure that keep you accountable and motivated. great teachers! my teacher (limor) was AMAZING, aviv has an awesome energy and all the other staff were very positive, patient, smart, and encouraging. classrooms are also new & very comfortable *most importantly classes are very well priced! this is an intense course where you learn a lot quickly so be prepared to work hard to see the best results!”


-Janice Karbachinskiy from USA


"When I started going to Aviv's classes I wasn't comfortable speaking Hebrew in daily life. But after just four weeks of Ulpan I'm capable of having real conversations in Hebrew. Highly recommended. Not only because of my increased level of speaking, but also because of the discussions we had in class which gave me a better understanding of Israeli society."


-Asher van der Schlede from Amsterdam, Holland


"Highly recommend UAB for all levels of Hebrew learners! Aviv makes class a pleasure and I can feel the difference in my Hebrew already. Looking forward to taking the next level in the fall!"


-Tracey Goldstein from Miami, USA


"Después de haber empezado a estudiar hebreo en 3 ulpanes diferentes, me sentía frustrada y perdida estudiando este idioma. Pasé por clases de 30 estudiantes donde se le daba poca atención a tu progreso, estudié con profesores con poca paciencia y poco amor por lo que hacían, cosas que me llevaron a perder interés en aprender hebreo. Luego de unos meses decidí darme una última oportunidad con Aviv, y desde mi primera clase entendí que estaba en el lugar apropiado! pues Aviv transmite su amor por enseñar en cada una de sus clases. Enseña de una manera entretenida y usa métodos que funcionaron muy bien conmigo. Las clases son pequeñas y personalizadas, cosa que ha garantizado mi progreso. Después de completar casi 3 niveles estoy feliz, veo mi progresó semana a semana y estoy segura que seguiré tomando mis clases de hebreo con Aviv."


-Maria Andrea Goez from Colombia


"Limor & Aviv are amazing teachers. I finally feel like I'm making real progress in speaking this language! The small class size, the comfortable setting, the fantastic materials, and the encouragement from Limor and Aviv were just what I needed. I'm definitely going to continue on with more classes.”


-Barry Levinson from San Fransisco, USA


"Ich kann jedem der Hebräisch lernen will Avivs Ulpan ans Herz legen. Sein Unterricht ist um Klassen besser, als alle anderen Sprachkurse, die ich in meiner Hebräisch Karriere durchlitten habe(und das sind einige). Nachdem ich nun Avivs Sommerulpan abgeschlossen habe, habe ich endlich die Hoffnung, eines Tages fließend Ivrit zu sprechen. Ich habe mich in diesem Monat um Welten verbessert, was ich Aviv zu verdanken habe.. Nun habe ich endlich angefangen auch auf der Straße Ivrit zu reden und verstehe nun bestimmt doppelt soviel wie zuvor. Avivs Ulpan unterscheidet sich von anderen Kursen zum Großteil wegen Aviv. Aviv ist ein hervorragender Lehrer und zeichnet sich durch seinen Humor, seine Herzlichkeit und seine kreativen Lernspiele aus. Aviv ist sozusagen eine „One Man Show“, ein Lehrer der die ganze Klasse unterhält. In diesem Ulpan ist keinem langweilig. Noch dazu sind die Klassen sehr klein, was dazu führt, dass man konstant engagiert ist und andauernd sein Reden muss. Avivs Ulpan macht Spaß und man erreicht sein gewünschtes Hebräisch Level spielend leicht."


-Alina Steinberg from Munich, Germany


“I had the vocabulary of a child and was yet a perfect illiterate when I arrived in Israel and just before I met Aviv. While teaching me letters, he transmitted the understanding of the language, its history and culture. We read books, we discussed vividly, we wrote letters and stories, we ate deliciously and even sang loudly. AVIV is not just a regular teacher, he is passionate and dedicated, motivating, challenging, caring and fun. Having learned from THE BEST, I can now proudly say that I know Hebrew.”


-Liliane Eulau from Basel, Switzerland


“Aviv is truly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. He strikes an excellent balance between patience and discipline, ensuring his students get the most out of their education while enjoying the learning experience itself. His use of a wide variety of teaching methods makes his teaching style very effective for all different types of learners, as I observed in our ten person class. He takes care to stress the subtleties where appropriate, but above all knows how to focus on what really matters: being able to communicate with other Hebrew speakers and understand, appreciate, and participate in Israeli culture. He complements formal classroom learning with field trips and fun homework exercises, which are all extremely practical and engaging. Aviv consistently brought passion and energy to every class, which helped me progress far beyond what I could have expected. His ulpan class was absolutely one of the highlights for me in Israel, and, starting from almost no Hebrew, I owe him a great deal of gratitude for helping me to advance far beyond where I could have expected."


-Ted Herman from Vancouver, Canada


“Aviv is the best Hebrew instructor I've ever had (and I've been to Ulpan Gordon, had private tutors, etc). The way he designed his class materials and structure, including discussion topics, incorporation of media, and homework assignments/readings are really engaging, practical, and full of value. Most of all, you can tell he really cares. I'd recommend Aviv to anyone that's ready to learn!.”


-Jonathan Friedman from Hollywood, Florida


“Aviv Bertele is an excellent teacher. He is professional, patient and is always well prepared. Aviv is very passionate and enthusiastic while also being extremely knowledgeable in his field.”


-Omri Elani from London, UK


“Aviv is excited about Hebrew and his excitement is infectious! Whether he's looking up an obscure etymology or teaching you a new word with a hand motion and a funny sound, he's always looking for ways to make the words stick. In addition to being fun and enthusiastic, Aviv has a method; he always has a lesson prepared that is at the right level and builds on previous knowledge. Aviv was recommended to me by a friend, I've recommended him to many more, and I would gladly recommend him for you!.”


-Teddy Fischer from Boston, USA


“I was a language major in college and I felt that Aviv was one of the best language teachers I have ever had. He provided a great balance between dialogue and grammar and created a welcoming environment where it was fine to make mistakes. I couldn't read or write the Hebrew alphabet before and I finished my semester asking/answering questions and reading and writing. With Aviv, Hebrew is approachable, fun, and interesting and I recommend him for any level. ”


-Hannah Southworth from New Hampshire, USA


“When I moved to Israel almost two years ago, I had a very basic understanding of Hebrew. I grew up and went to private Jewish school all my life and even studied Hebrew at university in America however when I found myself now living in Tel Aviv, I could not manage the confidence to speak Hebrew to the locals. I could get around and I understood some, but I found myself very frustrated living in a country where the language was so impacted by the culture and life of Israel and I had an Israeli boyfriend who god love him, was sick of speaking just English all the time! I had tried Ulpan in Israel once I arrived and other Hebrew courses but nothing was really helping. Luckily, I was referred to Aviv through a co-worker whose friend had the most amazing experience learning with Aviv. And boy was she spot on! The first time I met Aviv and we had our first lesson, I knew that this was it, that this would finally help me really not only speak the language but feel apart of the Israeli culture. Aviv, is by far one of the best teachers you will have, he makes learning a very difficult language easy, fun and actually provides you with the confidence that you may not know you have! Aviv has a unique teaching approach that makes you want to sit with him hours on hours and just speak about life and all in Hebrew! His high spirit energy and excitement about learning, makes you want to learn and the fact that he relates the language to real life situations makes learning very practical and easy. When I do not know how to say something, he has a special way of making you find it and realize that deep down you actually know more than you think! I am so grateful that I found him as my teacher and anyone would be lucky to learn from him as he does not only become your teacher, but you make an amazing friend!”


-Sarah Abelsohn from San Diego, USA


“Aviv is such a patient and motivating teacher. His classroom demeanor creates a fun learning environment that encourages you to try your hardest and not give up. I feel very lucky to have found such an amazing teacher!”


-Talia Sandberg from Buffalo, USA


"I had an amazing time learning Hebrew with Aviv! He's an amazing spontaneous teacher who will pull you through the difficulties of the language. I particularly loved the short scenes we had to play and the in-class debates. Learned and laughed a lot, now it's your turn! ps: the coffee is delicious. pps: so are the cookies."


-Joep Kies from Bergen op Zoom, Netherlands