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UAB Courses

A Perfect Fit for Every Student


In-person Course OR Online Course

  • 10 levels of Hebrew​

  • Choose between online course and learning in-person in our beautiful Ulpan

  • Classes are limited to 8-10 students per class

  • In-person courses are held at our convenient location in Tel Aviv
  • Students receive access to an exclusive ulpan Hebrew study app matched to their level of Hebrew 
  • All students receive a custom UAB workbook tailored to their level


Register to Choose Your Level

Not sure what's your level? Book an online placement test
  • A1: Aleph

  • A2: Aleph+

  • A3: Advanced Aleph

  • B1: Bet

  • B2: Bet+

  • B3: Advanced Bet

  • G1: Gimmel

  • G2: Advanced Gimmel

  • D1: Dalet

  • D2: Advanced Dalet

  • Legal Hebrew

Fall 2023
Coming Soon
Winter 2023
January 15 - March 23
Spring 2023
April 16 - June 22
Summer 2023
Coming Soon
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