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About UAB

Smart City, Smart Ulpan

UAB was founded by Aviv Bertele in 2015. The courses implement a holistic approach that gives students the tools to speak, read, and write Hebrew, along with the confidence to practice speaking even if they make mistakes.


We make our own workbooks and are also proud to offer a small class setting with only 8-12 students. Courses range from Beginners to Legal Hebrew.


We believe that teaching people in small, intimate groups, led through intellectual discussions of Hebrew and Israeli culture, is the best way to encounter and use the language in a genuine way.


All ulpan students get workbooks and materials tailored to their course, with exercises that have been created exclusively for our ulpan, they also have exclusive access to our online resources, including a mobile app to help reinforce what we learn in class.

All of our teachers are experienced educators with a higher education background in Hebrew.

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