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Who Doesn't Love Gay Slang?

If you're following our posts, you already know that in the Hebrew slang of the LGBTQ+ community, we adore addressing each other in the feminine language. But what other gay slang exists in Hebrew? To cut, save, and not just for Pride Parade.

In honor of Pride Month, we posted a blog-post that you lovely people responded to in a fantastic way. We explained how us gays in Hebrew often use the feminine language when addressing each other. It's done with humor and adds to the unique lingo of our proud community. But, honey, there's so much more slang that we absolutely recommend you adopt.

Let's start with one of our favorites: "איזה וודג"! 'Wadj' is slang for face. The term originates from the Arabic word وَجْه (Wajh) which means face. But the fun in using "Eize Wadj" (what a face) is when, for instance, you see someone with a sour or sad face – "Eize Wadj". Alternatively, if someone is hot or good-looking, you can say "Eize Wadj". Of course, you can also give your 'wadj' a little treatment with Botox or any other cosmetic procedure.

Another word we're totally in love with is "לארד". 'Lared' comes from the English word Lord, and in Hebrew gay slang it means handsome or beautiful. If you're speaking advanced gay Hebrew, you can also say 'לורד' or 'לארד'. The meaning is the same. Some go all out and say: "Eize Lared, Eize Lird, Eize Loord"! Using it in a row adds humor and is sure to get everyone laughing.

Last one is: "מה איתוךְ" when you want to ask 'how are you'. The address is specifically in feminine language. And then you can play around with it:

  • מה איתוךְ?

  • לא, לא, לא, לא – מה איתוךְ, את?

  • לא, לא, לא, לא – מה איתוךְ את בעצמך?

And the fun just doesn't stop. Check out the video below and see how it's done:

Know more Hebrew gay slang? Feel free to comment below.

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