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Your Hebrew Learning Hub: Small Classes. Dynamic Vibe.

Seasoned Educators. Centrally Located in Tel Aviv.

First and Only Straight Friendly Ulpan.

Committed to Quality

At UAB, we go the extra mile to craft the gold-standard in Hebrew learning, bringing you the crème de la crème of Ulpan experiences in Tel Aviv.

We believe that truly owning a language, and immersing in Israeli culture demands intimate classes and a holistic approach. We're not just about helping you speak like a local; we're your bridge to reading and writing like one, too. Get ready to master Hebrew for the Israel of today, in an Ulpan that feels more like your cozy lounge than a classroom or bustling coffee shop.

Great classes aren't just made; they're shaped by top-notch educators. Our teaching squad is composed exclusively of native Hebrew speakers, who come armed with degrees in Hebrew language. They're certified, experienced, and passionate about teaching

Hebrew as a second language.

No room for compromises here: no greenhorn teachers, no crammed classes, no makeshift office spaces, and definitely no gimmicks. Just superior Hebrew classes designed to help you embrace life in Tel Aviv to the max. And that's our UAB promise.

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