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Tools to Improve Your Hebrew

Mapping Hebrew. A Facebook group for learners of Hebrew as a second language.

Share images of Hebrew graffiti, signs or anything you come across, and the group can help you understand it or you can help the group! 

Join Mapping Hebrew on Facebook.

Ma Nishma. A verb book for levels Bet/Gimmel, tailored for those who want to learn and review the various verb categories (בניינים). The book will also help you learn the different verb uses, which will bring your Hebrew speaking skills to a whole new level. This 123-page book includes many exercises, conjugation tables and as a bonus - an answer key. The specially developed verb book is sold exclusively at the ulpan.

Rav Milim. Hebrew dictionary.

Highly recommended for students who have completed level Gimmel and higher of ulpan. 

Mikledet. Hebrew virtual keyboard.

Don't have a Hebrew keyboard? You can use this tool to type in Hebrew and even send emails directly from the site.

We can't wait to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help you find the course you're looking for.

Legal Hebrew Kit. Workbook and app aimed at helping students preparing for the Dinei Yisrael exams and the Israeli bar exam. Contains all the verbs, syntax and vocabulary to help you handle the high-level Hebrew required for these exams. For more info please contact us.


Morfix. Hebrew-English dictionary, available as an app on any smartphone, easy to use and accurate.

Kizur. Acronym and abbreviation dictionary.

Easily look up the meaning of any Hebrew acronym. 

Maot. Hebrew-English lexicon of financial, economic, business, communication, and transportation terms.

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