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Aramaic in the Passover Haggadah

הא לחמא עניא די אכלו אבהתנא בארעא דמצרים

כל דכפין ייתי וייכול, כל דצריך ייתי ויפסח

השתא עבדי, לשנה הבאה בני חורין

Did you know that the Haggadah was adapted over the centuries by local Jewish traditions around the world?

It's nearly Passover - one of the most memorable and exciting Jewish festivals! On Seder night, we begin reading the Haggadah with 'Ha Lachma Ania,' starting off the story of the exodus from Egypt. To a non-Hebrew speaker, this paragraph may sound like Hebrew - but just a little bit off. Let’s explore why.

‘Ha Lachama Ania’ is actually Aramaic, the ancient language of